Zero Depth

When my kids were younger, we experienced the wonderful invention of zero depth pools, with a gradual depth increase. In contrast to zero depth, when I grew up, there was only the ladder on the side of the pool for climbing in gradually or one could hurl herself into the public pool that wasn’t heated for a shocking jolt. 
When I think about trusting God, I prefer to do the trust adventure in a zero depth paradigm – gentle & gradual increase with time & space aplenty. But there are times in God’s sovereign wisdom that we have to jump in the deep end with trusting God. Deep end trust with God could be decisions we make about the future (jobs, marriage, etc), concerns with our kids, relationships, etc. 

With God’s help, let’s determine that we’ll be agile with both ways of trusting God: the big plunge & zero depth ūüôā

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a secret for transformation

Seems like all of us want to grow & improve in at least a few ways. ¬†We want to be more skinny or more muscular. ¬†We want to be smarter, more athletic, less impatient, . . . . . . ¬†All of us have things in our lives that we want to improve. ¬†If there was a magic wand that we could wave to make the wanted improvement appear, we’d go to great lengths to get that wand & ultimately the improvement that we want. ¬†But alas, there is no magic wand.

But here’s the golden ticket for the improvements that we want: ¬†routine. ¬†Yep, the nitty, gritty and daily incremental efforts that we can integrate into our daily routines can produce life changing transformation. ¬†Diets, fads, trends, cool & swanky techniques and mental gyrations often lack the power to improve that comes from just the daily, small decisions that we incorporate into routine living: ¬†

  • A deeper walk with God: ¬†plan to go to bed 30min earlier everyday for two weeks, so you can get up 15min early to read your Bible & pray – spend some time training your body & soul to make spiritual investments
  • being more healthy: ¬†chose to decrease or eliminate a cup of coffee (gasp), the afternoon treat, the evening snack for two weeks; ¬†
  • physical fitness: ¬†chose to walk more (rather than the drive for that close errand, park in less conveninet places that require more walking, take a walk in the evening rather than watch the 30min of TV that turns into 2hours, . . . .)
  • be smarter: ¬†reading is a great path to help us with the smart stuff; ¬†consider joining a book club, get a library card – check out a book; ¬†read something that you don’t agree with or isn’t in the normal interest list (broaden your horizon)

Small but steady changes often create the sustained improvements that can seem elusive. ¬†You can do it!! ūüôā

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