Keep Playing!

I’m picking up a new sport called pickle ball. Weird name but heaps of fun!!  My friend introduced it to me a few months ago & I’m hooked. Unfortunately, I wish I would improve more quickly.

This morning, I played for a few hours & one gentleman was really encouraging.  He didn’t accentuate my mistakes & he applauded my good shots & efforts.  After we finished playing, I asked him for some suggestions on ways I could improve. He was really gracious & said, “Sarah, just keep playing!”

I think lots of life is like this – we get better the more we do it & the more we’re present & engage. Most certainly we go through discouraging & difficult seasons & experiences. But let’s stay in the game, take some pauses to catch our breath & keep playing.  The more I do life, I improve my chances at doing it well. The less I engage, my chances at doing well in life go down. Let’s remember that practice is for earth & perfect is for heaven 🙂

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Stop Hiding

When my kids were younger, we used to play hide & seek. I had boatloads of fun coming up with all kinds of creative places to hide (in cupboards, under cushions, across chairs, etc). Hide & seek is a fun game but not fun in the context of relationships. Marriages, friendships & families can quickly unravel when a person hides & gets secretive about their life.
In the context of our relationship with God, hiding has never been helpful, particularly in light of the knowledge that God knows everything, so hiding with God is pointless. Consider Adam’s efforts to hide in the Garden of Eden – it didn’t really work. While I can appreciate that it’s not always safe to be thoroughly transparent with everyone all the time, let’s be mindful in our relationship with God to be vulnerable, transparent, available & present. Don’t hide with God 🙂

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