selective listening

Have you ever had one of those conversations where someone said something insensitive to you & you didn’t know if or how to respond?  This morning I was chatting with a lovely group of ladies & someone said something to me that was kind of zingy & I found myself suspended in that moment trying to figure out what to do.  Having given it some thought, here are some take aways I’m choosing that might help you as well:

  • benefit of the doubt:  I’m sure this person didn’t mean for her comment to be zingy & even if she did, I’m choosing to see her from a positive perspective
  • forgiving:  quick is better than nursing & rehearsing which only gives my emotions a fever
  • ignore:  rather than call this person out of their comment, I decided to dismiss the comment & adjust the conversation for a different trajectory (translation:  change the subject)
  • some people just have a zingy edge:  truth be known, we can always use some help with our diplomacy skills, so it’s best just to be fully graceful with the help of the Holy Spirit & know that we are all growing, learning and improving 🙂

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did I get a ticket???

So today, I got pulled over by the police near a stop sign that I’ve struggled with in the past – translation:  I’ve rolled through this stop sign before & gotten a ticket.  But I came to a complete stop, looked both ways & noticed the nice policeman waiting for stop sign violators, of which I was not one.  Anyways, he flipped his lights on & started following me.  I stopped & was curious to know what this attention was about.  When he came to my window, he wanted to know if my son was wearing his seatbelt, to which I politely replied, “Yes, sir.  He was most certainly wearing his seatbelt.”  End of the story, I didn’t get a ticket 🙂

I wanted to be lippy & talk back to the officer, but I didn’t do that, thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit.  It always pays to “think twice & be nice.”  With the Holy Spirit’s help & intervention, we can do this & save ourselves a boat load of trouble 🙂

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I’m currently sitting at a malnutrition center along w about 15-20 moms who have just received some medical care for their babies & who are now feeding them their afternoon meal. One little guy next to me is named Augusto & he’s about 16months old. He has a sister who is a little bit bigger than he is, but she’s 3months old. The differences are so stark it can be very unsettling. Thankfully, we are working on a system whereby we can keep a steady supply of formula available for these malnutrition clinics to the sole purpose of helping all of the babies who come in having such tremendous nutrition needs.
This trip has had it’s fair share of ups & downs but I think we’ve established some great relationships whereby we can make a steady supply of formula & hopefully expand to other provinces in Benguela as well. I also had the great privilege of meeting a Dr this morning who is 2nd in command to the Minister of Health for the Benguela province here in Angola. It looks possible that we could work toward a potential partnership with this agency & other partners to create a scheme to reduce infant mortality here. Saving Moses is doing very effective work here! Thanks for all of your prayers, encouragement & support!

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courageous conversations

 Wow!  This is certainly a theme in my life right now!  A courageous conversation is a discussion that requires courage – it can require courage for a variety of reasons.  As such, let’s look at Joseph (in Genesis 37-42) to look at 1 of his courageous conversations:

Maybe Joseph’s first courageous conversation required bravery because of his convictions.  Consider his dialogue with Potipher’s wife, who wanted to make out w Joseph.  When you read what Joseph said in Gen 39:8-9, you can see that he needed courage to say what he said:   “But he refused and said to his master’s wife, ‘Behold, with me here, my master does not concern himself with anything in the house, and he has put all that he owns in my charge.  There is no one greater in this house than I, and he has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. How then could I do this great evil and sin against God?'”

Convictions require courage & when we are asked to do something that violates our convictions, we must draw on God’s strength & wisdom to share with diplomacy & bravery that we will not violate those convictions.  Let’s be brave & gracious in our conversations, with God’s wisdom, strength & love 🙂

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