pages, chapters & books

I like to read lots of different things & it always seems like I have at least 1-3 books going at any given time.  Along with enjoying reading, I’m probably the slowest reader born into the human race, maybe.  There’s something very gratifying from turning pages, completing chapters & finishing books – good lessons to learn, observations to make, thoughts to consider.

All of which brings me to wrapping up this year to start a new year.  There are some things from 2014 that need to stay in 2014.  Here are some things to consider:

  • hurts can only remain in the past through forgiveness – turn the page
  • bitterness isn’t worth carrying into a new year – start a new chapter
  • failures belong in the past & lessons belong in the present – finish the book
  • God’s presence is in every moment when you think of God and when you don’t think of God
  • God is always helping us, whether we realize it or not
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