Hair Dye

I’m writing this post, sitting outside of my hair salon with foils in my hair, looking semi-chic 🙂

And of course, I get some odd looks, people thinking I’m the reincarnated character from “My Favorite Martian”.  But alas, it’s just the normal hair dye appointment, where the grey gets covered over & I maintain the look that says I’m at least 10 years than my birthdate would confirm.

And whatever we may look like on the outside isn’t as important as the decisions we make on the inside.  Our internal thoughts, emotions, values, decisions and perspective are loads more important than the external image.  It’s in my thinking processes where I:

  • make decisions to be generous,
  • decide to act from various insecurities,
  • consider how another may be affected by my words / actions
  • choose to be afraid or choose to be constructive

So no matter how we look on the outside, let’s be certain we make internal decisions to be generous & loving people.  What’s on the inside is what will often regulate what happens on the outside 🙂

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An Autumn Salute

The Leaves Are Leaving

 Announcing with splendor and display
“Goodbye to our trees,
Our homes we now leave
Farewell to branches, twigs and trunk
We bid you, ‘adieu’
Our home we now leave
To nestle away in bugs, dust and decay
Fertilizing and feeding
Investing for resurrection
But today we prepare to leave
We pack the green
And exchange for gold
Orange, red, magenta and maroon
We are leaving, the leaves bid ‘adieu’
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