hot topic: ovaries and lynching

This morning, I read about Angelina Jolie’s medical update related to her ovaries and cancer.  Given the history of cancer in her family, she seems to have made a well-informed decision.  Kudos that she lives in a country with such sophisticated technology, medical facilities and modern thinking about women all combining to give her the power to be in a position to make such a choice.

In contrast, I’ve been following a situation in Afghanistan where a woman challenged an imam about his sales of amulets and how she was subsequently attacked, beaten, stamped on, run over by a car, killed and her body burned.  There has been a large outcry in Afghanistan against such brutality against women and we’ll see if anything substantial changes for women in this country in the future, based on last week’s atrocities.

I find it interesting, as a woman, to live in a world at this time, with such extreme contrasts:  a woman freely discussing what might be considered private body parts and a woman being treated worse than an animal for standing up for her convictions.  Women have always played an interesting role throughout history and in the Bible, but no one has ever treated women with more dignity, grace and poise than Jesus.  Check out my Jesus’ Chicks book for some really cool insights and opportunities to know Jesus more intimately 🙂

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a really good read :)

Happy Wed my friends!  I recently read a book by a friend, Margaret Feinberg, Fight Back with Joy and it’s super worth reading!  Margaret was in the midst of finalizing a book she was writing on joy, when she was diagnosed with cancer, which caused her to start over & write this newly released book.   Fight Back with Joy is gritty, insightful, inspiring, thoughtful and engaging.  It has awesome and practical wisdom to deal with hardship, unexpected tragedies, mourning, grief and joy.  Margaret is an extremely accomplished and celebrated author & I know that you’d enjoy her new book immensely!  Grab a few copies & bring it to your next book club / Bible study!!  #fightbackwithjoy


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