hold on a second!!

Ok, revelation time: when I was growing up (and sadly enough in some recent history), I had some very “sassy” moments, to put it mildly. Unfortunately, I remember some EXTREMELY bad moments when I’ve been very disrespectful. With a little bit of maturity now (with lots of room to continue growing), I look back on those moments with regret and embarrassment. I’ve even had an extremely successful pastor gently remind me of a very arrogant conversation I had with him when I was a teenager. Thankfully, he was very gracious and understanding when he reminded me of this conversation, but I was nevertheless very embarrassed by my words and behavior.

Bringing these memories into my present behavior, I’ve come to the conclusion that respect is never out of bounds and disrespect is always out of bounds. In my generation, we have often made the mistake of presupposing a person had to “earn” our respect before we would give it. I’ve often noticed now that if I will treat people with respect, whether they deserve it or not, they usually behave in a respectful way. For those individuals who remain disrespectful even when I treat them with honor, I figure that their behavior is their responsibility and not mine. At the end of the day, I want to make sure that I’m honoring God. So if I can treat my fellow human with honor, it’s creating a lifestyle of honor to please my heavenly Father.

I have never regretted treating someone with respect, but I’m always disappointed in myself when I am disrespectful. Honor begets honor – Prov 3:35 ūüôā

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hold on a second!!

When I was growing up, my dad would collect antique furniture & he filled our garage with his collections. ¬†Over time, he added a shelf to the front of the garage so he could fill it it antiques, then he put in some suspended shelving from the ceiling of the garage so he could store more antiques. ¬†Pretty soon, the paths that we used to get to the garbage cans were getting squeezed in w antiques. ¬†And here’s the feeling I would always get when I went into the garage – suffocation. ¬†Sometimes, I’d imagine for a brief second when I went into the garage that all of it might teeter from the little perches, strings & balanced corners to come collapsing down on me & that I’d get buried only to be possibly found by a curious parent after a few hours, if I was lucky. ¬†After one such imaginative nightmare, I decided to only open the garage from the outside door & not try to ever go through the garage – for fear of an antique avalanche.

Now when I think about this, its kind of funny, but it wasn’t when I was living w my parents. ¬†I taught myself avalanche avoidance techniques. ¬†As an adult, I wish I would apply these lessons to managing my life better. ¬†You see, sometimes I fill up my life with so much stuff (activities, responsibilities, achievements, pressures, deadlines, expectations, etc) that I feel like its just a matter of time until I become an avalanche victim. ¬†This week is one of those times.

Here are some possible avalanche avoidance techniques:

Maybe God watches from the sidelines in amused disgust as I try to juggle everything without much success.

Maybe God waits for me to stop trying to be super woman & ask for His help.

Maybe God watches for the opportunity to teach me to say “yes” to His directives and not almost everything that passes my way.

Maybe God wants me to learn that He is the only eye in the hurricane

Maybe God wants to teach me more about living out the truth of Sabbath.

Maybe God wants me to wait on Him – to be still and know that He is God

Maybe all this flurry of activity lessens the keenness of my ear to hear His still small voice.

Maybe, just maybe, you & I can learn together & with His help, not continue to make the same kinds of mistakes.

I’m just saying, maybe we don’t have to be avalanche victims.

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