My newest book, Heavenly Help, is now available to buy!! I’m more than excited for you to read this book, as its marinated in my heart for no less than the last 5 years!  
This book is a fresh new look at Who the Helper is not just in theology, but in our practical & daily living!!

Please be sure to get several copies for your friends, book clubs, Sunday School groups, family members etc. 

Also feel free to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc 🙂

This is honestly the best book I’ve ever written & it’s extremely readable & easy to apply!!  

Buy lots of books & tell all your friends!!

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Hot Topic: this is important

Hey friends!  I just published a book that I think is honestly the best thing I’ve ever written!  My new book is called Jesus Chicks and it’s really brief but extremely insightful.  In my new book, I take one chapter per chick to talk about the women with whom Jesus interacted – Martha, Mary, His mom, the Canaanite woman, etc.  What I love about this book is my discoveries about how relational Jesus is with us, as I show with His interactions with each of these ladies.

I’d strongly encourage you to get a few copies to share with your friends and even book clubs / Bible study groups since there are also discussion & consideration questions at the end of each chapter.  You can also get it as an ebook as well!  🙂

Click Here to purchase the book


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