Relevant Physical Therapy Lessons

I’m currently laying on my back having just finished another round of pt – recovering from shoulder surgery after dislocating it from snowboarding). Here are some brief take aways I’m learning that could be helpful for you:
*be nice, friendly & warm even when someone is hurting you – being mean just makes things worse

*take a deep breath & exhale – reminds me to pause rather than curl up in a ball to disappear 

*stretch & strengthen – both good thoughts for growing in life

*laugh when you want to cry – pain can sometimes mean growing & improving 

*be consistent & be present – half of the battle is showing up

*God knows your limits & God is continually present with strength & comfort 

Consider that there could be some pretty cool common applications in both physical & spiritual therapy ,)

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the relevance struggle

Whenever I get to teach, I always want to make the content relevant to my audience. In my attempts to be relevant, I’ve used lots of different examples: from mistakes I’ve made when I cook to various snowboarding adventures.  I also see a wide variety of ways that God is relevant in my daily living.  He helps me to have wisdom with my interactions with my kids, guides my emotions & thoughts to be grounded in truth, reminds me about things I need to do, helps me with difficult conversations, gives me patience in traffic and a whole lot more.  I love discovering everyday the many different ways that God is relevant to me.

But yesterday, some questions popped into my mind:

  • Am I relevant to God?
  • In all of my attempts to see God fitting into & working in my life, how much do I work to be relevant in God’s kingdom?
  • Do my values reflect His priorities?
  • Am I kingdom relevant?
Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God alot in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7), if you’re keen to look at some of His descriptions & applications.  For a quick summary, it seems to me that I am most relevant in God’s kingdom when I love Him, others & myself 🙂
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