What I find myself unable to say about Angola

Since I’ve returned from Angola, I’ve been trying to work through this experience & I’m not really sure if I’m making any progress. ┬áThere were many things that we experienced, but one experience has left me without words & very raw. ┬áTruthfully, I think this experience has probably forever changed me – Im presently unable to express myself but I want you to know about Angelina.

Please read the post from our photographer, Steve Stanton

He has put into words some of this experience and maybe sometime later, I’ll be able to talk about this, sharing in my own words what I find myself unable to do now


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Lets Make a Difference in Angola

Today was pretty hard core. It’s after 9p & I’m struggling to process this day & it’s events. We drive to a more remote city / town & visited a medical clinic w some volunteer Portugese medical students & doctors who were doing everything possible to preserve life under unbelievable conditions.
I’m not sure how much I can share at this point because of how this is affecting me. How could we consider a day to be successful when possibly only 1 infant died of anemia & malnutrition instead of 4? What about the family that has contracted tuberculosis that is a strain resistant to the 1st line of drugs? Is the 2nd line of drugs for tb available?
How about the 6yr old sister charged to watch her 4 wk old brother? Or the single mom who needs a job & whose 14month old son needs food?
And yet the good news of today is that one of the severely malnutritioned babies we visited yesterday we were able to look in on & it looks like she’s going to make it!
When you do something to “the least of these”, you’ve done it to Me – Matt 25

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