Happy New Year!

First of all, thanks much for reading my blog!  Lots of you have been super kind of the last year & I really appreciate you staying connected!  As we think about turning the page on a new year, I think we all do some reflection & some adjustments.  There were lots of things I liked from 2012, lessons I learned, successes, mistakes, etc.  I want to take the lessons and successes from 2012 & build on these in 2013.  I’m not sure that I want to go with the “New Years Resolutions” approach, as I tend to kind of fizzle out on these.  With that being said, here are some areas where I want to continue to grow & improve:

  • continue to get more authentic at loving God, people & myself
  • grow in my intimacy with God – listening, learning, being more present, growing & changing
  • expand our Saving Moses work – giving genuine love to the most vulnerable, least & smallest on our planet
  • trust God better with the future, decisions and direction
  • get more consistent with working out

What are some areas in which you’d like to grow?

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