Surprise, Surprise!!

When I was growing up, my dad didn’t really like surprises, even if they were pleasant. I remember a few occasions where I surprised him with something good & while he was grateful for me being thoughtful, it still wasn’t really appreciated because it was a surprise. In his mind, surprises weren’t good.

In my mind, however, I generally like surprises because I think of them as adventures & an adventure is almost always high grade fun for me. 
Something that always helps me with surprises, whether they’re good of bad, is that nothing surprises God. Because God is all-knowling, there’s no surprise that can catch God off guard. Furthermore, God doesn’t make a Plan B when something seems to go wrong. 
We can trust that nothing catches God by surprise & that God loves us far more than we could ever comprehend. These two truths work great rest into my heart & I hope into your heart as well over this weekend 🙂

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This is very good for me to hear today. It’s been a couple of days full of surprises, some good, some not so good, and while I generally like good surprises, I struggle when they are ‘bad’. Thank you for the reminder that God has it all under control.

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