Super Glue

Some people seem really well put together – hair, makeup, matching clothes, nails, etc. Then there are other people who don’t seem well put together. They’re disheveled, messy hair, chipped nails & forget any makeup. 

Having grown up as a pastors kid & being around people ALOT, I’ve learned that people aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes those who appear disheveled are better put together in their hearts than those who look the part on the outside & vice versa as well. 
Here’s the hope for all of us, dishelved or otherwise:  Col 1:17 says that Jesus holds all things together. I find this verse to be super encouraging because there are times & seasons when everything can seem to be falling apart, including me. Let’s never forget that Jesus is our super glue 🙂


As much as I agree 100% with your toughts in this post.
I believe that being clean and organized reflects a persons inside. The way people present themselves before others, reflects how much they care about others. For instance, If a person doesn’t shower and is always stinky and doesn’t seem to realize that it can be offensive to others. Represents in my opinion an uncaring heart. If I take the time to look good in an even , I am sending a message to the people attending, that the event is important for me, and that they are important for me as well.
Just a little thought 🙂


Hey friend, thanks much for your comment & wisdom! I can totally see what you’re saying & it’s of course important that we maintain good hygiene, as best as a person is able, for sure! However, I don’t totally agree with the statement that how a person presents themselves to others shows how much they care about others. I don’t think these two points are related in a cause & affect schematic. Additionally, I’ve definitely been around people who looked & smelled awesome but had horrific people skills 🙂
Just some respectful food for thought 🙂

True that… I have met people with horrible people skills and attitudes in both scenarios. Carelees and put together. That’s why I think we can’t judge a person for the way they present themselves, but personally I think that if you are having a special event and I show up with jeans and flip flops, I am not giving you respect or showing you that I care at that particular moment. I hope I am making sence. I can be confusing in English sorry about that .

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