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What an amazing spectrum of experiences today. I’ve finished this day at our present nightcare facility, playing with one of our toddlers before he went to bed & enjoying our warm, safe & healthy haven for the babies of prostitutes while their moms work. Shortly before this wonderfully satisfying joy (we’ve been running for more than a year & have really acquired the trust of these moms to look after their babies), we negotiated the rent on a new nightcare facility in a new neighborhood & this is also super exciting!! We hope to be up & running there in about 2-3months 🙂
But here’s my struggle as I finish this day – we visited two brand new areas that desperately need nightcare & one of the areas we visited was really overwhelming for me. Even though we were there in the daytime, it was indescribably dark & felt very actively evil – the last face I saw before I left this area was a baby & if the truth be known, I’m having a rough time with all of this &I can’t seem to find words to go along with my feelings.
So friends, thank you SO MUCH for taking some time to read this & for being interested. I’m celebrating our successes & achievements while absorbing the opportunities that lie in front of us as well. Perhaps there is no one that is more “least of these” than the babies of prostitutes.




Patricia Jennings

Sarah,Praying in tongues over you,family &team now. “May our Lord strengthen &nourish your heart to endure what youre seeing &hearing,in Jesus name,amen.”

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Sheila Roberts

Thank you for sharing Sarah, I pray that in those dark and evil times that you will feel God’s light shining even brighter on you. You are doing such amazing work!

Here’s a word of encouragement for you – Wow!!! with 3 exclamations for a blessing from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 🙂

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