stupid mistakes

I recently used a parking meter for an appt that I was in and I skimped on the meter.  Sure enough, my meeting went longer than I expected & voila, I found the ever lovely parking ticket on my windshield.  As I looked at the ticket, I figured out that if I would have added 50cents to the meter, I could have avoided the $25 ticket.  I hate making these kinds of mistakes – where I try to skimp with time or money & wind up spending more;  hate those kinds of mistakes.

So to get the most out of this experience, here are my learning points that might be helpful to you as well:

  • margin – give yourself some cushion so that you don’t spend more time & money than is necessary
  • grace – berating yourself for mistakes is wasted emotional energy;  learn the lesson & move on
  • change – repeating the same errors is stupid;  learning & changing is smart 🙂

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The Lord impressed upon my heart that the “work place” and the “home” are simply spiritual training grounds for us to achieve our destiny. And, of course we have the opportunity to continue to go around the mountain and be frustrated is another choice until the lesson is learned. I kinda feel the same way about “over-drafts”, but as you suggested good ways to deal with our situations.

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