storms and success

Feel like you’re in a storm?  Are you having a difficult time with life?  Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning & we’ve neglected to put on our “floaties”.  I go through times like this & feel like I’m going to drown in problems – but here’s some really cool help:

I was thinking about how Peter got out of the boat in a storm & walked with Jesus – such a powerful metaphor for us when our life is stormy.  Jesus’ disciples were in the middle of a storm & were struggling to stay afloat & when Jesus came strolling along in the middle of the storm, walking on the water, they freaked out!!  Peter asked Jesus to get out of the boat & walk to Him – Jesus said, “Yes!”  So here’s some help for you in a storm:  with Jesus, any storm can be a stroll.



Stroll with Jesus! It’s as simple as that; when we stop being human and stop our freaking out. Sometimes we look beyond the answer, especially if we found it easily. Many things with Jesus are simple, we make it difficult for ourselves. Blessings.

Yes, the thing to remember, as Christians, is that He already IS with us-we don’t even have to *ask* Him to walk to us!! Storms can be so scary but He knows this and wants to comfort us and bring us safely through. 🙂 Nice post!

Ok another beautiful analogy, but if your religious dogma can look past hollywood, and we could change our position like Gene Kelly when the storms of life seem to pour down on us, then we could sing and dance in the rain. Something to ponder, but it seems like most people would rather wallow in their own self pity and in hopes that someone will feel sorry for them rather than blessing or being blessed in the height of the storm. Selah Smile

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