I’ve learned that typing in all caps in social media is the same as yelling & I’m not attracted to yelling, full stop. Indeed, when I would practice piano & my dad would yell at me for something, I seemed to make more & more mistakes the more he yelled. 
The problem with yelling is that the listener can easily get distracted by the method & miss the message. With my dad, his emotions would get so intense that he’d yell but I can’t really remember what he said. 

With saying all of that, I shot this picture last night:  I was trying to concentrate on a really important writing assignment & I kept noticing that the sky was getting increasingly pink. Finally, I stopped my writing & man am I glad I did! As I took a pause to look at this unbelievable sunset, I heard our Triune God whisper, “Thanks for looking Sarah, We love you”. 

God’s message & methods are altogether riveting & I’m entirely addicted to the divine love experience, no yelling needed 🙂



Connie Lipp

Thank you for blessing me again today Sarah. The beautiful reminder that all things were made by our wonderful, exquisite triune God for our enjoyment & pleasure. Oh how HE loves us! Love to you

Cristina ( Cris)

I agree to do everything written in uppercase seems an aggressive form , manifest esclamativa other …. where is the free will …. mouth blesses my heart … and often forget that Grand Lord defined , that is merciful and we must align with Hugs Sarah !!!! !!!!!

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