Steep & Deep


Sometimes life feels steep & deep. When I snowboard sometimes I feel like this – the run is too steep & the snow is too deep so I get intimidated & I want to change my mind. But more often than not, I’m already committed & I have to make the best way I can. And truth be known, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This is also true for me with God. I want my relationship to be supremely deep & steep:

  • Deep in that I want to know God’s presence in depths & contexts that exceed any human relationship
  • Steep in the sense of vertical awareness – God’s presence spanning any level of my thinking & attention. 

Who’s with me in the adventure of having a deep & steep relationship with God? Let’s commit such that there’s no turning back!!!



love the photo – where were you at?

Señor te amo alneo contigo necesito de ti que habrás caminos laborales para mi….y sigas estando tu y el ES en mi depto alquilado con mi Hija Pachi…..tengo necesidad de que me Señorees….amen

super cool photo Sarah! where were you at?

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