Stay Focused

What you focus on is where you go. I learned this with great intensity when I took a lesson for downhill mountain bike riding. In a particularly harrowing part of the trail, our instructor kept yelling, “LOOK PAST THE CURVE!!!” A few of my classmates didn’t listen to the instructor & they hardcore crashed, flipping over the handlebars. What the instructor was yelling didn’t make sense to me, but I decided to do what he said, nonetheless. When I followed the instructions, my bike followed my focus.
Lots of times, it’s easy to focus on emergencies, crises, worries, etc. When we obsess with struggles & uncertainties, it’s easy to crash in the curve because our focus gets off of Jesus. Let’s be sure that we keep our focus & thoughts on Jesus, the author & perfectos of our faith – Hebrews 12:2!



I remember that story from you before and it stuck in my mind. They also tell you that when your skiing.
great advice. I have been a partner with your mothers ministry since my 20s and I am now about your age. Ironically, I also have a daughter named Sarah. I am wowed by your growth in ministry and remember the Lord telling me in a dream to pray for your ministry when you first started appearing with your mother in media. God bless you both,

thanks much!

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