Stay-cation with Teenagers

For two years now, we’ve done a stay-cation so we could save our vacation dollars to do a strategic family vacation.  When we floated the idea to our kids last year, they agreed with our plans & definitely enjoyed the strategic family vacation we took earlier this year.

In the meantime, we are on year two of our stay-cation & it’s an interesting journey to stay-cate with teenagers, attempting to limit screen time & maximize family time.  Teenagers are wonderful people with strong opinions & developing individualities, so doing a stay-cation with them, aiming for happy campers, is challenging.

Here are some things we’ve done that are somewhat helpful:

  • get everyone’s input with at least 3 realistic ideas of things they’d like to do with the family
  • populate everyone’s ideas throughout the stay-cation, giving validation to each individual’s input
  • communicate the stay-cation schedule / events to everyone, giving them a chance to coach their own attitudes before participating in another’s suggestion that might be unappealing
  • communicate budget parameters when soliciting the ideas for activities
  • give ample space / time for individuality to balance family events with individual breathing room
  • pray alot 🙂

Vacationing with teenagers can be fun & challenging.  Most of all, it affords me the opportunity to lean into Holy Spirit to help me coach my internal narratives & attitudes 🙂


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