Stay calm

My dad had all kinds of insightful one-liners. He used to say, “Sarah, you have to pick your nervous breakdowns” meaning that I needed to be selective about what I would get upset about. I’ve found this to be super helpful. Just now, I ordered a whopper with extra pickles & the cashier thought I said no pickles – easy fix that doesn’t need a level 10 melt down. Another area is when I’m running late for an appt, I find myself getting stressed out. So I talk to myself & ask if getting upset is going to add value to the problem of being late – usually not. Lets get upset about things that are important 🙂
Like my dad says, “you gotta pick your nervous breakdowns” ,)



Powerful stuff Sarah!

Patricia Goodwin

There was a pop song years ago called ‘this is my 19th nervous breakdown’..or something like that…so true, choose your breakdowns and why not name them???!!!

I find myself getting stressed out when I’m in a hurry and have a lot to do. I talk to the Lord and know He will help me get everything done. He also reminds me “peace I give you”. It calms me down and I’m able to keep my peace and joy for the rest of the day

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