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conversationI really like having spiritual conversations – not like theology driven, but more like a sincere dialogue about what God is saying at personal levels.  I like hearing what God is saying to other people – I find that this often moves me closer to God.  A few days ago, I got to stay up late talking w a friend about some questions & thoughts I’m having about God & I had the privilege to listen to her ideas, as well as her questions.  I loved this time & found myself driving home & feeling deeply fulfilled & closer to God.  I think there’s alot of value in such conversations both in our horizontal relationships & our relationship w God.  Consider Paul’s words about Timothy & Epaphroditus in Philippians 2.  He could say these great things about these 2 men because he had had multiple spiritual conversations w each of them.

What are some things you do (or can do) to foster spiritual conversations?  Do you even want to have such conversations?  Feel free to answer or not at your level of comfort.  🙂



Sarah, always amazed at God’s sense of timing. I was just reading Romans 8 last night…AND Sean and I were discussing the desire for deeper relationships in our lives. It’s so easy to stay surface with people, but yet we all really want more. Perhaps the longing for intimate spiritual relationships is put there by God to move us toward one another…and toward being unified as the Church.

Chapel really put into words what we were saying. We need to get this message out there, I think a lot of people feel the same way.

there you go, quoting philippians again! 🙂 soemtimes heartache brings out the best spiritual conversations. it’s this wrestling with God that forces you to dig in deeper and ask the hard questions. like “how do i have faith for this particular thing?” or “how do i keep my relationship with God strong in the midst of hardship?” good friends and good conversations always help me flesh those things out.

I have found that spiritual conversations will arise during our times of greatest need– our “darkest hours,” so I will agree with Teresa on that…When we reach out to others under the most trying of circumstances, it’s on a level that goes deeper than anything just surface level…

It doesn’t necessarily need to be rooted in trouble, though; it can also happen during our greatest triumphs– when we actually see the hand of God move and see how He got us to that time and place.

I also find that I am moved to speak on a spiritual level when I am engaged in an activity where God’s grace and majesty are on display- say during a hike in the San Juans during the fall when the aspens are turning, or when I am flying an airplane…

Chasing the wind along always does it for me, and it’s that special time that, if I am flying solo, I can share it and celebrate it with Him…


When it comes to spiritual conversations, I get like all giddy inside and want to grin from ear to ear, and I always want to talk about what God is speaking to me about, but I get cautious cause I always think I’m being prideful… however, in reality, when I look at those conversations in hind site, I’m not being prideful, just extremely boasting about God. What’s funny about the spiritual conversations with your spouse is when you haven’t really talked to them about spiritual things, you find out that God is talking to them about the same thing and leading them down the same path! And it’s like WHOA! God, You are really on point here for both of us in so-and-so matter… next time, you should just invite us into the living room for ice cream and conversation… lol. But I think those moments like that really confirm what God is spiritually talking to you about and is just more and more evidence that He is very real in our day-to-day lives.

Peace 🙂

Spiritual conversations are not only a blessing, but they are essential in our walks with Christ. I have seen God use simple heart-to-hearts with friends/family turn into life changing revelations or encouragement that I desperately needed. Sometimes it is not so pleasant and comes in the form of loving correction, but that is iron sharpening iron at work in my life and I am so thankful for it. We can not and were not meant to do it on our own.

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