spires and fear of heights

One time when I was in China back in the dark ages, I had a really cool opportunity to go para-gliding!  To make a long story short, when I ran off the cliff to catch some wind & I caught what’s known as a thermal.  It was like zipping up an elevator shaft, crazy fast!!!!!  At first, I thought I should let go of the para-glider thing & then I quickly thought that was a stupid idea & I should hold of for the ride & see how far up I could go.  Needless to say, it was very unnerving at first, but after I decided to settle in for the ride, the whole thing became like a religious experience & very powerful!

In a similar way, it seems to me that God is always inviting us to walk in higher ways (without drugs) but maybe we shirk from walking in these higher levels because we are afraid of heights, new experiences or maybe even afraid of falling or failing.  Here are a few encouraging points to consider about heights & spires:

  • Aspire – let God work into your desires greater & higher aspirations:  God’s ways are higher than our ways
  • Perspire – there’s some truth to the idea of “sweat equity” & even Paul talks about working out our salvation with fear & trembling
  • Conspire – dream and brainstorm with God about what divine paths & opportunities God would have you explore

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