something to encourage you :)

Here are a few thoughts that I really hope will be helpful & encouraging:

If you’re going through:

  • a season of lack – be sure to be open to the variety of ways that Jesus provides in our lives (time, wisdom, creative ideas, unexpected supply, etc)
  • loneliness – don’t underestimate the continually abiding presence of Jesus with you in every moment & situation
  • a time of confusion – listen for the Holy Spirit to lead you into truth & consider reading the verses about Who the Holy Spirit is in John 14
  • some heightened insecurity – you are nothing less than wholly & genuinely loved by your Creator, Who finds you to be nothing less than tantalizing & delightful
  • failure – celebrate because you’ve crossed off an option that doesn’t lead to success!
  • frustration – sometimes the best reward to frustration is the strength that only comes through endurance

I hope you’re well encouraged today!! 😀



You guys are great! It is sooooo tough to meet all the demands of ministry, tv, and family. The final analysis in the show today as a couple was to “complete and not compete”. Hmmm wasn’t that what Jesus’s mission was to complete us. He did it by being “touchable”, and drawing personal examples into his parables. He always seemed to draw the relevance of what was going on in His life as spiritual examples. That is what I appreciate in your ministry – it’s real, and you do a great job of encouraging others – keep up the Good Work, both of you and Be Blessed!

Lorraine Dale

Thankyou Sarah, that was sure very helpful. I appreciate all your encouraging words. They seem to meet me right where i am at.

Thanks Sarah!

Perfect~! I so needed this today . . . I will print and keep with me in my planner. : ) Thank you, Sarah! I loved it.

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