Something encouraging

I was reading this morning about how Jacob in the bible married Leah & Rachel. The Bible says that Leah was hated but Rachel was loved. There’s lots to be said about these marriages, but I love that Leah looked to God for strength & help – naming her 1st 4 sons: Reuben (God sees me), Simeon (God hears me), Levi (attached) & Judah (I praise God).
Regardless of what’s happening in your life:
*God sees you & has compassion on you
*God is listening with ears of lovingkindness
*attached – let yourself be completely attached to God
*never neglect to praise & give honor to God 🙂



Esther Crowell

Shouldn’t that be Leah looked to God. The sons you named were Leah’s sons not Rachel’s. Rachel only had 2 sons, Joseph & Benjamin.

Wow. Just reading today that your Dad passed from this life to ever be with the Lord. My condolences to you and your family. It is so interesting and amazing that the women of our church study a different woman each month and on Wed Oct 24 we studied Gen 29 -30 about Rachel & Leah. Thanks for sharing those encouraging words about how Leah named her first four sons and by them we are encouraged to keep looking to Jesus. Bless you.

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