something cool to watch from Angola :)

I’ve still been pondering alot about my experiences in Angola & I’m finding that @savingmoses seems to never be far below the surface of whatever activity or conversation in which I’m involved.  Some things that I’ve noticed about myself since returning from Angola include:

  • I think I’m more compassionate – I find myself extending patience, grace, acceptance & love to people more than I have in the past, even though I’m presently in a fairly stressful season of life
  • my dreams seem to be more vivid or I’m remembering them better when I wake up.  I’m not dreaming about Angola, but I seem to be having fairly meaningful dreams
  • I find myself thinking in increments of $30 because I’ve figured out that I can keep a baby from starving to death for about $30 / month w saving moses.
  • When I see babies now, it seems like my immediate subconscious reaction is to ask how much they weigh & I’m asking myself if I’ll ever get back to the “so cute” first reaction.
  • I also find myself having REALLY BIG THOUGHTS, maybe even grandiose plans, about how to keep babies from starving to death

This is a really honest window into my thoughts over the last few weeks.

I’m also working to develop some video skills, so if your brave (wink), take a look at this link & let me know if you like it or any suggestions for improvements 🙂


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