Some thoughts on the school massacre in Connecticut

Yesterday our country saw another violent atrocity happen whose victims were mostly small little children.  As I’ve learned about the events over the last 24 hours, I find myself beyond sad, angry, frustrated, shocked and incredibly disturbed.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll learn about the families of various victims & the shooter.  We’ll hear clamorous demands for gun control and politicians expressing sorrow and sympathy.  Some of us will try to understand what causes a person to do such unthinkable violence and we will all have this sick and empty pit in our guts as we learn how this tragedy unfolded.

If there is anything good that come out of this atrocity, let’s decided that whenever we hear or discuss news related to the events from Friday, December 14th, we will pray – be that a short prayer, an intense prayer, a long prayer, or just a simple prayer.  Let’s pray for the families of the victims, the children at the elementary school, the family of the shooter, the school’s teachers and administrators, . . . .  Let’s allow these horrific events to make us more prayerful and spiritual people.



When he cometh, when he cometh, to make up his jewels all his jewels precious jewels His LOVED and His OWN, like the stars of the morning His bright Crown adorning, they shall shine in their beauty Bright gems for His Crown, Little Little Children, who love their redeemer are the jewels precious jewels His Loved and His own. He will gather He will gather the gems for His Kingdom all the pure ones all the bright ones His Loved and His Own!

Oh, Sarah- it seems so tragic as a result generally speaking from parents who just looked the other way because they didn’t know what to do / where to turn to / or had given up the daily parenthood fight thinking they could be their childrens friend and not their parent.
I was led to Proverbs today for another reason but ended up at the verse on “spare the rod, and spoil the child” from Solomon – thinking that it is no fun sometimes to be a parent, but as the Poster would say..It’s not always fun”. Wondering if in that misguided child’s life it would have made a difference. Sure the verse has been misused, but on the other hand…Oh, the grief -we as a nation should tear our clothes and fast for the parents of Newtown.
Unimanigible! Maybe along with prayer we should have a Play Station burning of all violent games – Demand that Retailers take all violent games off their shelves – Picket the stores until they do – but we are all to lazy and once again it is easier as a nation just to turn our heads and pretent it didn’t happen to us! I believe it is encumbant upon anyone who has media / political / or national presence to speak out against the abhorent atrocities that we allow our children to be exposed to under the guise of capitalism

Update – finding out that the child/kid//man who was the assailant had asperger’s is also unfortunate because in my experience are not mentally stable in their perception of their socail-ability or dis-ability. Therefore bringing harm to their own world which only they perceive – So once again, you are right. Our world needs prayer.

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