some thoughts about relationships

Everyone has challenges from time to time in various relationships:  sometimes our marriages get kind of shakey, we may struggle with various family members with whom we must interact, we may have some friendships that have difficulties every so often and we may even struggle with people at our workplace.  Relationship challenges are nothing new, but perhaps a new way of looking at our relationships can help us navigate some of these frustrations more successfully.  I was reading about how Paul says that Jesus reconciles things in heaven & on earth (Col 1:20) & that Jesus has given us this ministry of reconciliation (2Cor 5:18).  With the premise of Jesus being the mediator between us & our heavenly Father, let’s think for a minute about Jesus being the mediator between us & our fellow man.

bridging the gap

If I don’t have Jesus standing between me & a friend, my husband, a family member or co-worker then the relationship is directly human to human.  Human relationships without divine involvement can easily unravel & disgress to basic human selfishness.  With this in mind, I need Jesus to be the mediator between me & anyone with whom I have any depth of relationship.  I need Jesus to stand between me & others to protect the person from my humanity & to protect me from their humanity.  To have genuine spiritual love in our relationships, we must have Jesus in the middle.  Anything less than Jesus in the middle of our relationships leads to the rapid plunge into human desire, deception & destruction.  Jesus is not only our vertical mediator, but must also be our horizontal mediator.  Just something for your reflection 🙂


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What wonderful food for thought. That has changed my whole outlook on relationships. It’s as if Jesus is there to ensure that things go the way they should go and if they don’t, he’s there to help fix them.
Win Win!!!!

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