Some thoughts about rejection

Rejection is a tricky topic because sometimes our perceptions aren’t always accurate. But whether rejection is real or perceived, we have to deal with it constructively or it can be extremely destructive. So here are some suggestions:
*focusing on rejection usually seems to only make it worse or to be magnified in our thinking – better to bring it to Jesus
*consider the roots of rejection, if it comes from yourself or from something external
*rejection is always eligible for redemption (Joseph, Jacob, Jesus & more)
*forgiveness is a necessary ingredient for rejection to be redeemed 🙂



Agreed tough topic, but just the subject is one that few want to deal with because of the disassociation with what feels good, tastes good, or sounds good. Pretty much capsulized in the “Yuck” word. During this upcoming season to only imagine how Christ felt on the cross – yuck to the zillion power.
But sometime while we wait on God’s timing we accidently perceive it for rejection, while God is just setting the stage for an outstanding testimony out of our test. Hmmmm – so it gets back to remembering, “now, faith is…” Be Blessed and Smile.

I’m middle-aged and I only recently identified that I’ve been operating under a spirit of rejection. Of course, I always knew that I did not feel good about myself…but I could not articulate the root of my problem. I believe many in the population suffer from this affliction but cannot put their finger on the true essence of their problem. I was seven years old when my father returned home after spending 3 years and 8 months in prison (he was gone for half of my life and I basically had no memory of him prior to his return home). His arrival brought fear and a belief that I could no anything right. He verbally abused his children and called us many names. God has a plan for my life and I believe He is delivering me!!! The first step is identifying the problem.

So true – Rejection – or the perception there-of, has prompted me to reject others first, so I wouldn’t be….. Very dangerous, indeed. Many times I had to back-track and restore relationships because of that spirit. Put it right out there in The Light and said that “I am exposing the spirit of rejection – will you forgive me for falling in to that trap?” Glad to say, Jesus + time has brought me to a place of more maturity…. “We” catch me before I do damage any more. God Bless you Sara. Love you!!!

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