some thoughts about making decisions

 Lately, I’ve been facing some fairly tricky decisions & it’s been a little unsettling.  Here are a few brief thoughts that have helped me:

  • gather helpful information – talk with others who have faced similar decisions to get their inputs, do some research, get smart
  • be aware of your own frame of mind – if you’re discouraged or in a place of euphoria, these perspectives have an impact on your thoughts and evaluation processes
  • analysis can become paralysis – sometimes analyzing and evaluating can be used to delay an actual decision;  it can even happen that the results of indecision can be more damaging than the results of a wrong or bad decision
  • no analysis or evaluation can cross into “stupid land”, so be careful on this one
  • pray & listen:  my experience is that my best decisions are made after I take the time & energy to ask God for His input & wisdom & then listen & listen well

Have you found other things to be helpful with decision making???



“analysis can become paralysis”


Yes, when I am making a decision and want to know which way is God’s will, I always remember a teaching Marilyn Hickey taught;
1} Is this scriptural?
2} Do I have an inner witness?
3}Do circumstances line up?
This teaching of your mom’s has brought me great comfort when I’m at crossroads in my life.

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