Some thoughts about hardships

I’ve been thinking a little bit about going through difficulties & hardships – I’m not so keen on these seasons. However, if we keep our hearts & thoughts right there can be some magnificent outcomes. Consider the following benefits of hardships & difficulties:
*endurance – James 1:2
*Jesus’ power – 2Cor 12:9
*perseverance – Rom 5:3
*reliance in Jesus – 2Cor 1:8-9
*weight of glory – 2Cor 4:17

So there are many reasons for celebrating challenges & difficulties 🙂




Hayford Dorvlo

Hi Sarah,

I was at Newlife Fellowship today and enjoyed everybit of your message. I am a from Christlife Church, Ghana and have listened to your message a couple of times on TBN back at home. I have been here for the past 6 weeks on a training course and have been fellowshipping with NLF.

When i saw you at first i wasn’t too sure it was you but i decided to check up on your website and am absolutely trilled.

I believe fixing our gaze on Jesus is our only option we have as Christians and its absolutely crucial in the walk of faith especially if we’d have to look past the curve unto victory.

Mental slavery is something many have still not walked out of even though 2 Cor 5:17 has absolutely declared us free and Jesus himself said in Jn 3:15 that he that believeth on the son should not perish but have everlasting/eternal life.

Am hoping to be in Mon or Tuesdays service.

God Bless you Pastor.

Jenifer Chavers

Nothing makes us more compassionate, than going through trials, failures, and suffering. Nothing helps us more than hardships to humble us.
CS Lewis said, God screams at us in our pain. If everything was smooth sailing, why would we need him or look to him.

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