some thoughts about Father’s Day

 With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, maybe you have some special plans or ideas about how to honor you dad or the person who has filled that role in your life.  Currently, my husband is on a diet so the cooking options are extremely narrow & I’ll of course do something nice for my dad.  Nevertheless, let me take a quick moment to encourage you to celebrate your dad’s strengths & not sulk in his weaknesses.  As I think about my parents, the longer I’m a parent the more grateful I am for them.  Yes, my parents are human and flawed – they’ll be the first to admit that they didn’t do it all right when they raised my brother & me.  Nevertheless, they did their level best with everything they had & I’m genuinely grateful for how God has used them in all of the different stages in my life.  As we celebrate our dads this weekend,  let’s be certain to celebrate our Heavenly Father who is perfect, infinite and Genuine Love 🙂

Happy Fathers Day!



Alice Jackson

I think of my father who is with our heavenly father and all he taught me. He and my mom gave me the priceless gifts of love, security, happiness and integrity. Those gifts have helped me to give love, security, happiness and integrity to my children, grand children, family (including ORCC family) and friends. It has made me capable of having a good life in spirit and to appreciate all that God gives me in life. My father is with me everyday of my life. I feel him in my heart and soul ALWAYS! Blessings.

I sent my boys father’s day gifts because without them I wouldn’t be a father – so likewise I want to thank my Heavenly Father for sending us a precious gift – his son. Be blessed!

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