Some random thoughts

I’ve had alot of random thoughts & questions running through my brain lately.  Maybe you could give me some feedback:

  • strength can be be a misperception.  I find that I’m probably in my best frame of mind when I am most dependent on Jesus
  • Christ must always be the mediator not only between God & me, but also between me & others
  • when I need direction on various projects & I don’t have alot of time to chase rabbit trails, what’s the best approach to chosing a path?
  • I want my kids to desire more of God’s Word – are there more things I should be doing to help cultivate this desire in their hearts?
  • community & solitude each have their pitfalls
  • Saving Moses – how can we make this more effective?
  • family is an environment where the Holy Spirit most effectively works to change me
  • it seems to me that the only long-term way to transform my insecurities is with the help of the Holy Spirit

Just a few things that my brain has been pondering 🙂


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christine ott

Thanks again for the luncheon today! I told you I would send you this link below. I think it’s your sense of humor and faith:

I’d like to comment on the first of your random thoughts: I was struggling with a death wish when I was 14 because I was completely overwhelmed by life being too hard and painful. I was a weak link. Enter Jesus. Everyone thinks I have lion strength. The irony. Hummmm

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