Some post election observations

It seems to me that our nation has some very strong opinions about politics and the direction in which we want our leaders to go. Some of us are very happy about the election outcomes & some of us, not so much.
It seems to me that many of us have felt very passionate about this election & have expressed our opinions & thoughts quite strongly & even sometimes with animosity.
Regardless of this elections’ outcome, there are a few things that we need to maintain:
*lets be sure that we continue to pray for our leaders, whether we like or agree with them or not – 1Tim2:1-2
*live in peace with each other – 1 Thess 5:13. It’s all groovy to have disagreements but its not groovy to be disagreeable 🙂



My concern is for Israel since we always had a leader who backed up Israel and always put GOD first, now it seems that GOD has been taken out of our Country and we do not back Israel. If the US is not careful since we have not backed Israel and have stopped many of our forefathers previous setup plans for our nation, GOD can unleash his wrath on the US and it can be 10 time worse than the hurricane sandy he can divide if we will not back up Israel example: Madrid fault line like an earthquake and that has not happened since the 1811-1812 that will divide the East Coast and stop the trucks from running with the food or GOD could cause the Canary Island to go and the whole East Coast and England/Atlantic Ocean will be effective with a Tsunami…So please pray for our Country, Israel and the President too!!!

Thanks for being brave enough to broach the subject. Unfortunately it all boils down to Moses vs Jesus. The law vs. grace – the right wing vs. the left wing. The right side no matter how right (not righteous) wants to control and constrict peoples actions it only will continue to cost them the elections. One side played up big time on those fears and used it against them. Jesus gave the answer a long time ago about Love rather than thou shall or shalt not in the political arena. Is abortion wrong – absolutely, but politically you can’t legislate it – you lose everytime. The churches role has to continue to be education, alternate options and shelter not condemnation. Tough one.

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