Some Important Secrets for Staying Happy

Happiness can sometimes be an elusive goal & on occasion we can miss some happiness that’s sitting right in front of our nose. With that being said, here are a few ideas that could help us to stay happy:
*dont say everything you think – an obvious morsel of wisdom
*look for good bc we usually find what that for which we look
*keeping a generous mindset prevents the selfish lack deception
*be positive bc complaining can be a severe energy drain
*chose love over apathy w a healthy dose of forgiveness 🙂
*keep a relentless focus in Jesus!


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salline manyange

Happiness is only but peace of mind if you don’t hev that you can’t be happy either.suppose your husband is being unfaithful wat do you do? do you fight him inorder to seek revenge? I say you shld be like me cling on to god he wll give you total happiness thru his soin jesus christ.those stripes are our happiness that blood is our happiness u can neva be complete without jesus!amen and amen!

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