some help for worry

Lately, I’ve had some struggles with worry & if you give me the line that I’m not supposed to worry, I’ll hit you ,)

With that being said, I had a nice chat with God about this & I received some great help that you might also find useful, if not today, maybe for the future.  I learned that when I worry, I make an attention decision that can undermine the closeness of my walk with God (not that God moved, but rather that I’ve compromised my trust in God).  When I worry, I choose to give my attention to challenges, problems & difficulties that I’m unable to resolve.  When I worry, I neglect to include God in these struggles and therefore become increasingly absorbed in them, to the point of being all consumed.  And clearly, being all consumed with worry is no place I want to live.  So that counter-point to worry is choosing to trust God and while this can be difficult, this decision is much better than going down the worry path.  But I’m also learning that trusting God is often a continuously active decision.  So let’s encourage each other to keep our eyes on Jesus and to make healthy choices to strengthen our hearts by trusting God 🙂



WORRY IS when: I CANNOT ACCEPT the fact I am not in full control of the situation.

As I was coming into the office the topic on talk radio of course is the present frenzy on gun control. Unfortunately the media is doing everything they can to amplify every horrible detail (s) concerning shootings creating more and more fear. However the fear has only increased the number of gun sales in the past 6 months. Point being – “the some help for worry” extremely timely because we have the greatest defense in the world Jesus and the Angelic Warriors for protection driven by the Word of God.
HOWEVER – the frustrating point is when you go to 10 out of 12 featured movies this weekend are about extreme violence, revenge, demonic this or that, or SOME OTHER HATE CRIME, BUT you don’t see anyone out picketing Hollywood while they are infiltrating our kids/societies mind. And, if a group of Christians would picket the theatres (as we should across the nation), then the media would paint them as a bunch of religious fanatical kooks. Hmmmm… it doesn’t take a lot to figure out some things about our seemingly basic “Godless” society that is reaping what it is allowing to be sown. Thanks for the help for worry.
ps Yes I know if I would have had your CD playing rather than listening to the news, then …Smile

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