some easy ideas for being a blessing

I had my really cool small group today & I love watching the creative ways that people come up with to serve others.  Here are some easy ways:

  • get coffee for someone else
  • put furniture back when it’s disordered
  • clean off counter / table surfaces
  • smile at someone you don’t know for no reason
  • bring in a plate of homemade goodies unexpectedly
  • hold the door open for someone
  • let someone take the parking space first
  • give someone an honest compliment
  • when driving, give someone space in front of you to change lanes
  • be quick to forgive or admit a mistake
  • thank the cashier for their help when checking out

Image Please help me with your ideas as well!



Lorraine Dale

Take time to listen and be empathetic to others’ problems and complaints.

Sends cards and little notes of encouragement to people.

Stop and Buy a yummee pie from Village Inn and take it over to one of your neighbors or fellow workers just to let them know that you are glad they are there. Smile

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