Solving Problems

We all have problems of different sizes, challenges, seasons & shapes. It seems to me that sometimes problems come in herds – either they’re few & far between or they seem to spill out from every corner & area of life.
Some problems we can solve on our own & some problems require help because they’re beyond our ability & resources. It seems to me that when I get in these problem intense seasons that I can get myopic & only see 1 solution or answer. The problem with myopia is that there’s limited focus & for me it’s usually on the wrong thing (the problem & not God).
So here’s the short answer: God has solutions, ideas, resources & methods for resolution of which we’ve never dreamed. I’m reminded that God has more answers than I had questions & God has more solutions than I have problems 🙂


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Ever accidently miss the nail and hit your finger with a hammer – OUCH! it is the only thing you see, feel, hear or think for the next 60 seconds to an hour depending on the intensity of the blow. Ever had an awful tooth or ear ache your senses can define nothing else even though all your other body systems are working. My little woofer scratched the cornea of his eye. When I took him into Petsmart they gave him some ointment – I prayed for him, then they put on the dreaded “lampshade” around his head so he couldn’t rub off the medicine. He went into instant paralysis. He couldn’t move his whole world had changed where 2 minutes before he was running, sniffing and playing and nothing was wrong with the rest of his little doggie self. But “fear” had instantly gripped him. He couldn’t walk or bark or look up – he just sat there and I had to carry him to the car.How many of us are the same – we let fear take complete control of our lives. Do you think Paul maybe had a little fear when the ship was going down? How about when he got to shore and the poisonous viper got him? Ya think? Ahhhh yah, then another time he said one of satan’s angels even tried his best to get through to him 2Cor 12:7-10 Msg vs.Yow! BUT GOD told him My Grace is enough, it’s all you need. MY STRENGTH comes into its own in your weakness. Faith is a journey! Smile
Oh, my little dog’s eye is fine – he’s healed. PTL

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