I just visited a slum where many sex workers live & several of them are using the nightcare facility with Saving Moses. Our nightcare provides a safe place for the babies of sex workers to receive care, love & nurturing while their moms work. I am presently trying to think & process this experience & meeting these very gracious moms. I’m struggling to find some words & to do the emotions from this time.
I have had a few people question my motive for starting nightcare , feeling that I was encouraging the loose behavior of these moms (enabling their adulterous & disreputable profession). My answer to these concerns is that I’ve never met a woman whose first choice to earn a living would be to have sex with multiple men in one evening in exchange for money. The moms I met today put skin, faces & names to my thoughts, as well as to the astounding need for nightcare. I am blown away




Alice Jackson

Everyone’s a critic. I just want to you to know “that I get it” and more than anything God gets it. You could not have done this without Him and you get that. So anyone who criticizes what you are doing through Saving Moses needs to get a heart. If you xrayed them you would find a black spot where a heart should be. Stay strong, forge ahead and be blessed.


Ignore the Criticism and Move Forward! We LOVE You and Your Mom!
Go Sarah go Sarah GO!!!!

Lorraine Dale

Who could ever criticize helping the least of us all?

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