snow reminds me of something important

 I live in Denver & its snowing today – so beautiful & it reminds me of an important lesson!!  When I was in Jr High, I wanted to be really good at basketball (a winter sport) & I knew that I needed to practice ALOT – I wasn’t very good at all.  Nevertheless, I remember going to the neighbors house with the basketball hoop & shoveling their driveway LOTS of times so that I could practice layups, etc.  I made it a habit that I would shoot no less than 1-2 hours a day after school everyday, no matter what the weather was.  I was totally into basketball & was committed to getting better!  I did get better but clearly didn’t go on to be any kind of a basketball star.  Nevertheless, I walked away from this time in my life with the firm conviction that improvement & progress toward a goal requires steady & consistent persistence.

In my life today, I don’t have the luxury of massive amounts of discretionary time.  So the way I look at this idea of steady & consistent persistence in my current life is to do something everyday related to the goal that I’m trying to accomplish.  Some days I make huge progress & some days I just make a little, but its progress nonetheless.  So keep shoveling!  ,)



I love the pic! We have a Cardigan, and we loveee him! What a great look at perseverance. I am right there with you.

I would like to share a link with you where I recently posted regarding your teaching on worry. I cannot tell you how much both you and your mom have blessed my life.

Thank you so much for making His Word tangible.


Man does that dog have a long tongue:)

It’s funny that you wrote on this when God has been dealing with me on my inconsistency in certain areas (prayer, working out, etc.) If I want to reach my ultimate goal in life I know that I need to become more consistent and even tenacious in these areas.

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