Slow Down

We live in a world that applauds speed – fast wifi, speedy cars, quick thinking, hasty travel & lots more. But consider that some of the best things take time:
*slower cars frequently get fewer tickets ,)
*deep friendships: it’s been my experience that the fast friendships usually are the shortest
*coffee – brewed versus instant: nuff said
*books: for me, quick reads rarely stick to my ribs as well as a long & slow read that requires my attention & presence

Sometimes, slow is better 🙂


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WOW WOWOW!! How right you are – I’m thinking of my grandparents generation as kids that didn’t have electricity, inside toilets – not electric/gas oven / ranges. They got the opportunity to enjoy the smells, family body warmth, and feather beds.
my grandmother dated on a horse and buggy and flew in jet airplanes – now they say since 1980 we have experienced the same thing technologically where information doubles at phantom rates. How many of us take the time to just go set in the sunshine?Hmmmm

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