skil – more than a powertool

I talked w one of my friends recently & she had just finished putting in a doggie door, using power tools & feeling very empowered.  You could hear in her voice that she felt very fulfilled by this accomplishment – power to the people!  😉

Here’s a useful power tool for the holidays (family occassions, work parties, etc) – forgiveness & yes, this takes skill.  I say this because it takes work to get skilled in forgiveness & most of the time, we’d prefer to avoid this kind of work or skill development.  In Greek, the word for forgiveness also means to leave (or we would say, “drop it”), with the idea of not returning to whatever has been left behind.  Its easy, but not always constructive, to revisit past hurts (or to be reminded of them over the holidays).  Please be careful that such visits don’t trap you in the quagmire of unforgiveness.  The walls close in really fast when we make the quick & easy decision to not forgive.  This path is suffocating.  Make the choice to forgive & grow this skill.  Forgiveness is an essential powertool for life – may you have the power & wisdom to forgive through Jesus’ death & resurrection!


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