sit down but stand up

In the last few weeks, I’ve had some interesting challenges, most of which have been around taking a stand for some convictions that run deep in my soul.  Taking a stand can be kind of tricky – there’s a Japanese proverb that says, “the nail that stands up gets hammered down.”  Nevertheless, I think it’s important to take a stand and not just blend into the average, mediocre and mundane.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • be mindful of what you take a stand for:  sometimes I think we spend all of our time, energy, voice & equity on things that don’t really matter;  keep in mind eternity and the big picture when you stand up for something
  • be mindful of how you take a stand:  diplomacy and tact are helpful ingredients for taking a stand about one’s convictions;  be friendly and firm 🙂

Thinking about these things, consider a few videos & lyrics that could be worthy of some reflection:


stand up lyrics


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