Since my dad died . . .

My dad passed away almost 3 weeks ago & it’s been an interesting journey. I’m really blown away by how kind & generous people have been in so many different ways. Both my mom & I are deeply touched with the prayers & love that we have received. “Thank you so much” is altogether inadequate. Nevertheless, thank you!!
For my journey, these are a few observations:
*i feel more deeply & it seems like I’m more sensitive
*I’m really appreciating the various people that God brings to listen & be present – these are very tangible expressions of God’s love for me at the present
*patience to walk through each day with its various demands & surprises
*some things that have been helpful: drinking lots of water & taking walks 🙂

Again, thank you more than words can say for the kind words, love & prayers! Our celebration service for dad is this Sun, 11 Nov at 6pm at ORCC if you can join us 🙂



Lisa Shuler’s Blog

Sarah, I am sorry for your loss! There is no doubt he is in the presence of the Lord. I love what Bill describes as a special time when he is in worship he can know that his parents are worshiping the Lord with him only they are in his physical presence. Our prayers are with your family as you experience the love of God and others during this time. Love, Lisa (and Bill) Shuler

Dear Pastors Sarah and Marilyn I truly send my love to you and send you each a warm hug. I appreciate you so very much in how you have touched our lives both individually and as a family. I am so happy for him. He ran his race hallelujah. I always loved his poetic exhortations. May theLord hold you and comfort you as only He can! Sincerely Mary Bell and Family, now in Tampa Florida

Wish i could join you and your mom, Sarah. Your parents and you will always be special to me and many others i am sure. One day i will visit Colorado again, mainly to visit your church, and hear your mom and you. I live in Florida, and don’t get up that way too often.

Ooooo Sarah and Maryln! I had no clue you had lost your Dad! My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Your ministry haas blessed my soul so much! I have learned so much from your guest speakers and your preaching the word. Thanks so much for carrying on. You and your Mom are so precious to me. God Bless you and your family!!!

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