simple pleasures

  • getting my hair dyed – roots are just a sign of the brains growing out of my head (i try & keep it a secret how really smart i am, by dying my hair – HA!)
  • reading to Benji, David & Bell.  even doing blogs w them from time to time 🙂
  • facebook – i actually have friends without having to beg anyone (Brenda says that the reason i didn’t have friends in school is bc i was mean.  she’s right)
  • traffic at Isabell & David’s school – such cool people there.  they make me smile
  • Benji’s breath after the valentine’s party – smells chocolatey
  • twitter – keeps me connected w friends throughout the day
  • fresh bread from Great Harvest
  • getting up before everyone else – stillness & heart nutrition
  • crazy hair
  • worshipping God really loud
  • David beating me in Chess in 5 moves
  • Reece’s lack of hair & that he wants me to cut it every week or 2
  • blowing dry Isabell’s hair after a bath, even though i’m not good w long hair

Lots of good things in life – treasure the pleasures God gives you each day! 😉


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