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Ok, I feel the need for some interactivity.  What are some books / authors that have been very influential in helping you grow with Jesus?  Hopefully, the Bible is in the top ten.  🙂

Here’s a list for me, in no particular order: Richard Foster, RT Kendall, Madame Guyon, E. Stanley Jones, John Stott, G. Campbell Morgan, Thomas Kelly, Roy Hession, . . . .  When I think of some more, I’ll come back w a comment, but that’s a pretty good start.

Who have you enjoyed reading, or who has challenged your growth in God?




CS Lewis and GK Chesterton are right up there on the list!

Paul Petroski

Dr. Yonggi Choi, Dr. Craig Blomberg(academic) , Leonard Ravenhill, Charles Spurgeon, J.I. Packer, N.T. Wright


John Piper has been a huge influence to me, especially his book “The Dangerous Duty of Delight.”

Right now, my favorite author is Donna Partow. She may not be one of the biggies, but I love her insight and transparency. Try “Let Your Life Count” and “Major Motion Picture.”

I’m with Josh on CS Lewis. 2 other influential authors in my life: A.W. Tozer and Andrew Murray. Can you tell I LOVE the classics? There is so much meat/depth to them. I’ve yet to read Guyon; her book is still on my shelf waiting for me.

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Of recent years, Dallas Willard, Beth Moore, but my favorites are from past centuries like Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee, Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, Amy Carmichael, John of the Cross, Hannah Whitall Smith, etc. Wisdom for all time.

One of the best books ever is the one Sarah recomended is The Shack by William P. Young and Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall…..:)


Of late, it’s been the Message Bible Remix. More for the ease of readability and entertainment value (yes, entertainment… our God is a funny God and the best Storyteller I know!). Aside from that, Shel Silverstein (Where the Sidewalk Ends)… There’s more to be had in this collection than meets the eye!


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