Shopping at Christmas

If you’ve been to the mall or Walmart of late, it’s a bit of an adventure, an opportunity for patience, forgiveness, grace, etc. Sometimes it may be rather challenging to be gracious in this season because of some of the words, behaviors & attitudes of the people around us. Here are some simple ideas on being gracious:
*thank the checkout person by the name on their name tag – they appreciate the human touch
*smile at the people who help you when you’re shopping
*be patient with the traffic – impatience wont help speed things up
*look for ways to help others – help w their bags, push their shopping cart,
Any other suggestions??



I actually had a great conversation with a lady at Target last week and we ended up helping each other with what the other needed to find. It was such a great experience that I usually don’t see around this hectic time of the year.

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