You need to know that in High School, I was known to be woefully naive.  For myself, I was blissfully ignorant & delighted to remain generally uneducated on the topic of sex.  My friends would all tease me about my innocence – heck, I didn’t know what a hickey was until college!  I just thought it was my last name, even if it was a little uncommon.  :/

So, obviously 3 children & almost 15 yrs of marriage later, I’ve got the essentials figured out.  How lovely.  Here’s my problem.  I’m all very excited to speak about the sermon on the mount – everything except the lust part.  And guess what Wed’s night’s topic is????  Bing, bing – you win:  lust & sex!  If you’d have any inclination to pray for me, please don’t fight the urge.  I find that my attention span to work on these verses is EXTREMELY short – maybe that’s why I’m blogging so much lately.  My problem beyond being personal is that I believe that there are LOTS of people who could use some God talk about sex & lust – both men & women.  So again, if you’re so inclined to give up a prayer for me, I’d be extremely grateful. 

I think that Wed night could be a short evening – don’t lust, the end.  😉



I’m praying, but in the meantime, there have been some awesome conversations on this topic at Anne Jackson’s blog:

Hope you can find some of the conversation useful!


(I am kind of wishing I wasn’t playing in catalyst, haha)

🙂 is a great tool for guys and girls who need resources and inspiration to stay away from fantasy.

SIX minutes Into this video is Powerful preaching on the subject for inspiration… 🙂


You are appreciated, Pastor.


thx, evan! back atcha! 🙂


evan is right, we have xxxChurch set up at our house, and it eliminates all temptation to look up questionable material on the internet. Like Pastor Aaron said, I can’t imagine being a 13 year old boy in this day and age. The most vile things are 2 clicks away on the internet, and it really makes me concerned about our future generations. I am glad that you are willing to do sermons on the subject and speak some truth.

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