In Angola with Saving Moses, I met a 3yr old little boy who was severely malnourished. His mom, Lucia, is a beautiful, engaged and very concerned mom who has a beautiful little baby girl, Josephine, who is about 2months old – bright, cheery & zesty! Segunda is very emaciated but I have really high hopes that he’s going to make some rapid improvement & be released within the next few weeks. Please be praying for Segunda & his mom, Lucia!




Alice Jackson

I continue to pray for their rapid recovery thanks to you and your Godly gifts. I hope you were able to reconnect with Josephine and her Mom as well. Blessings.

Thank you for being there so we can try and get out of our ethnocentricity knowing that the world doesn’t revolve around our pitiful needs in comparison.
Continued blessings and safe travels

salline manyange

In the name of jesus!we cover segunda and the mom with the blood of jesus,it is well!

Double Agreement

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