See Through

Sometimes it can be difficult to see past the nose in front of our face, because things can be super intense or stressful.  When we go through these seasons, it’s important to remember to “see through.” I’m thinking about this in relation to Joseph in Genesis when he went through all of the difficulties he experienced.  I have no reason to believe that Joseph looked past his difficulties to see something better or more glorious.  For example, when he was in prison, he asked Pharoah’s cupbearer to remember him in prison & help him to get out.  I think this directive from Joseph shows that he didn’t see anything beyond getting out of his immediate circumstance – a normal experience for each of us.

But today, let me encourage you to not only focus on your immediate situations, but to also see through the obstacles & difficulties in front of you to the great things God has in store for you!  Heavenly Help can be super helpful for seeing through various challenges & seeing them from God’s perspective!


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Lo tomo y declaro que la ayuda celestial existe que aveces una intercesion ministración es tan edificante ue te puede y la luz se hace!!!y el alfarero te ayuda con su amor a mover cualquier Cruz que el enemigo intenta depositarte!!!!!

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